Some things to rant about~

Every day, I'm not shuffling, but...

JYJ has freedom again?!



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My Feels...

HoMin finally performed Wrong Number.... *dies a little*

No more guns, no more 'fish'?....... :<


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I feel extremely annoyed seeing this.


Jackal is Coming

I really wish I could watch this movie when it comes...OTL Jae and Jihyo...omo, two awesome people. ^^ <333

And one more thing...is it bad I thought this to be kinky? *has naughty Yunjae thoughts*


My ex boyfriend asked me if I still liked him........................................................

OTL Why is life so cruel to me?



The Dancing Queen is back~

Not digging the autotune, but her style and dancing...wow, fantastic baby. <3 Gosh, she's awesome.

Has 2012 Come Already?

It's crazy.

I've started shipping straight couples.

*makes fish face*

I mean, of course, BL is my muse <3 Yunjae and DBSK are lovely as always, and I don't mind seeing some SHINee and EXO here and there, but...

I've started shipping straight couples ever since being introduced to The Grace and bothering to listen to more of BoA's stuff.

-BoJoong (BoA/Jaejoong)

-Yunphanie (Yunho/Stephanie)

A couple others here and there...


Yunjae trumps all. c:

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Don't brick me for this, but...

I'm not feeling DBSK's new album...


Stephanie <3

Wow, I wish I found out about CSJH earlier. Like, wow. They're fantastic and not called the female DBSK for nothing.

Both groups are sleek, sexy, professional, talented, and legends. ♥

These are two of my favorite CSJH songs♥


This is cuz they're hilarious. And I really like Steph's 'Rising Sun'. Wonder what DBSK thought. XD

But Stephanie is really the one who caught my eye. And after learning her story, it's made me admire her even more. She's crazy talented, and though I don't really foresee a four-member CSJH return anytime in the near future, it's cool that she's going to release a solo album!

PS: She be swaggin in the first vid at 2:26-2:36. :o

Cheonmu Stephanie, ilu♥

Oh, and old school SM, come back ;A;

Life Rant 2/2

Well, talked about school. So now my Saturday.

Went to a baby shower for my friend's step-mom. I said congratulations and all that good stuff, but to be honest...

I was bored. Bored as hell.

Before the party, when my friend's dad was bringing over the marinated barbecue back to my dad's (My dad was the one who prepped it. Originally my friend's dad was gonna bring it, but there wasn't room in the car), there was an accident. My friend's dad accidentally lost a bit of his grip on the container and spilled the dark marinade in a stream on our carpet.

It unfortunately got on a few of my shoes— my light-colored ones, about $100 worth— and some black shoes of my dad and sister. So, I'm chill right now, but my initial reaction was slight anger. Childish, I know, but really— those shoes were a gift. A five foot, dark brown stream is staining our carpet now. And we live in an apartment. So scared if it doesn't come out and we have to pay...But he also spilled it on my dad, who was already dressed for the party. So, my dad changed his pants and my shoes smell like soy sauce. Smh.


I tend to speak with profanity since there's just no other ways to phrase things sometimes, but my friend's mom is Mormon and had Mormon guests along with her Filipino guests (she's a Filipino Mormon...don't ask). I have absolutely NOTHING against Mormons (though I do think some of them families have more kids than I could ever dream of popping out...), just saying. So my friend (Christian-Mormon...yeah) and I didn't speak much. The food wasn't that good.

There were rice cakes, but no rice. And I hate rice cakes. There was this veggie dish that I tried. Okay at first, then found out some of the herbs were still rather...pointy. >.> Lumpia...it could've been much better. Spaghetti...ugh, was actually angel hair that was cut up a bit (for some reason...); pretty tasteless. The sauce— sweet, but way too thin and lacking any special quality. Cupcakes, which my friend ate but I didn't...she said the cake part was okay, but the frosting tasted like water more than sugar. Chocolate strawberries...actually not a fan of those. My friend ate them, said they were okay. So ehh.

The only thing I really ate was my dad's cassava cake (was nummy~) with some diet Pepsi. The barbecue came a bit later after I was done with the first plate. Had some, and it was pretty good (made by my daddy who's a chef <3), but then something happened that ruined my mood.

My dad's barbecue got dissed. And I was fuming mad, not that it showed since I always have a straight face on. Okay, idk if the 5/40 who complained were worried about trichinosis or some shit, but seriously? Yes, it's reached the internal temperature of 160 degrees, just so you know. Times have changed; many people these days have/are fine with their pork medium-medium well and not well done.

I know everyone's different, and I respect that. True, the people have brief knowledge on who the chef is— they just know it's a Filipino guy—but as the chef's daughter, I was quite offended. I understand Tagalog pretty well and English fluently. And for people to just diss his food, push it away, badmouth it to his/her friend/spouse, and waste perfectly good, FREE food overall does not sit well with me. I was pissed about the shoes thing, but this just increased my annoyance ten-fold. Yes, I'm overreacting, but I've had a shitty day and need to vent even if someone's reading or not. I was so tempted to tell them off like the bitch I am, but I didn't want to ruin the baby shower or embarrass my friend's family by being bitchy.

There were many loud little children at the baby shower...gonna end it there.

Now that that's off my chest, I feel much better. :) Well, besides my throat feeling rather dry and my voice all raspy. It was perfectly fine at the baby shower, but now it sounds so scratchy and ugh. >.>


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